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The XERO Standard water fed pole is composed of a hybrid material. This is a great occasional use water fed pole. If you are a window cleaner that uses a WFP a few of times a week, the Xero Standard is an excellent choice. Enjoy high-quality Hybrid material blended carbon fiber and glass fiber. A great intro pole! 


This pole comes with high-quality clamps, brush and hose provided. Also included is all of the fittings needed to plug into your water purification system.


Who do we recommend this pole to?

•Occasional users that will water fed pole once or twice a week.

•Window Cleaners looking for a low-cost, reliable option.


Check out the specific details regarding this kit:

  Xero Standard - 22 Xero Standard - 30 Xero Standard - 35
Material Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid
Actual Length 22 30 35
Type Telescopic Telescopic Telescopic
Weight - lbs 3 4.3 5.4
Compacted - NO Brush - " 60" 70" 70"
# of sections 5 6 7


Check out exactly what's included in this kit:

  Xero Standard - 22 Xero Standard - 30 Xero Standard - 35
Pole 22 Foot Pole 30 Foot Pole 35 Foot Pole
Brush Tucker Dual Trim Tucker Dual Trim Tucker Dual Trim
Hose - how many feet? 35' 40' 45'
Angle Adapter Yes Yes Yes

Xero Standard Hybrid Water Fed Pole