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The XERO Pure X2 has double the RO power to produce more pure water. Now you can operate a two-person crew, reach higher, or run through more hose, all without a booster pump!

The XERO Pure X2 features two side by side 40-inch RO Membranes giving you more water pressure than the standard XERO Pure. Water enters the system through a carbon sediment filter to remove some of the larger impurities. From there, the water splits into the two RO membranes to remove the vast majority of the contaminants in the water. After it leaves each RO membrane, it then goes through the DI Filter for a final polishing to get the TDS as low as possible. The original XERO Pure produces .5 gallon of pure water per minute, but this system produces 1.5 gallons per minute! 

This system is built on a steel frame for durability with two wheels to maneuver it around jobs easily. It is made with quality materials including stainless steel housings and brass fittings. This on-demand pure water system can be used laying down or standing upright to take up minimal space in your shop and on your work truck. This system is only twenty pounds heavier than the original weighing in at a manageable 90 lbs. It stands 53 inches tall, 21 inches deep, and 15 inches wide.

For anyone new to water fed window cleaning, this system will allow you to work faster than you ever could with traditional tools. Quickly attack each window with your water fed pole and brush to agitate dirt and then blast it away. Once all the impurities have been removed from the window, the pure water allows the glass to dry spot free, like a car wash. No drying or towels needed to make windows sparkle.

The X2 is an excellent choice for residential or commercial cleaners. Thanks to the dual RO, the increase in water production can easily accommodate a two-person crew without a pump. Single users can enjoy the freedom from needing electricity to get enough pressure to reach the highest windows or running through several hundred feet of hose.

If your TDS meter starts reading too high, it's time to change out one or more of your filters. The non-proprietary replacements help to keep running costs down and let you shop at your favorite supplier. Like the original XERO Pure, this system features a 1/4 cubic foot DI Housing and a carbon prefilter. The system includes 50-feet of hose, a TDS meter, RO Protect, a filter wrench for each housing, and a lubrication packet. It also includes a great 2-year warranty and support. Made in the USA.

XERO Pure X2