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New name, same fantastic machine! Previously under the brand name of Wash-iT, the XERO Pure has been around for many years. Although it has a new name, the XERO Pure Window Cleaning system is still America's most popular, and favorite, water fed pole purification system. The XERO Pure is a revolutionary pure water system designed to produce without a pump in any situation or region. It consists of three stages of filtration to ensure spot free results every time. It is light-weight, portable, and built with the window cleaner in mind focusing on ease of use and safety. Made in the USA, by IPC, with the highest quality parts, the Xero Pure is an affordable pure water window cleaning system for a residential or commercial cleaning business.

The slim design of the stainless steel housing of the XERO Pure ensures it takes up the least amount of space in your vehicle. Easily maneuver around any job site with the large wheels and stable base. The convenient safety mounts and an auto balance feature make this unit extremely stable. When setting up you don't have to worry about finding an outlet as no electricity is needed. This system can operate either upright or laying down.

The XERO Pure system is designed to let the operator run the system in three modes: RO only, DI only, or RO-DI together. Adapt to the unique circumstances of each job site to ensure the best possible work is done.

RO / DI:

The default mode! Water comes into the Carbon filter, flows through the RO Membrane then pushes into your DI vessel. You would operate the XERO Pure in this mode during typical working conditions. Ensure a spot free finish and a job well done.

DI Only:

Let’s say you get to a job site that has low water pressure; A BIG problem for most systems. You would have to use a booster pump or not use your system at all. When water pushes through an RO membrane, you lose a lot of pressure. The XERO Pure allows you to bypass your RO membrane and work straight through your DI filter. Running through just the DI is no problem even in very low water pressure situations. Operating in DI Only Mode will cause you to use up a little bit more resin than normal. BUT it will have allowed you to get the job done.

RO Only:

The most affordable mode of operation. Just like you can switch to DI only if you encounter low pressure you can do the same with RO. If you are in a softer water area and you experience low-pressure, flip to RO only mode. Perfect for low-pressure areas with soft water or for situations where spot free results are not needed. Think solar panel cleaning or glass pre-scrubs. If your incoming TDS is very low, save your resin and check out RO Only Mode. A surprising and effective way to lower your operating costs.

The XERO Pure comes with 50 feet of high-quality hose and all brass fittings to connect to your water fed pole. A TDS meter also comes with the package to check the total dissolved solids of your source water to determine if you can run the system in RO Only Mode. Use the provided RO Protect to preserve your membrane when it will be stored for winter or without use for six weeks or more. RO Protect keeps the RO membranes from biologic fouling. The included filter wrenches and lubrication allow for easy filter replacement. RO Filters should be changed when they are removing less than 80% of the impurities in the water. This system does not lock you into proprietary filters so you can pick up replacement filters and resin online from ShopWCR or anywhere local to you. The XERO Pure also comes with lifetime support and the best warranty around for Pure Water Window Cleaning systems.


3 Stages of Purification

Non-Proprietary Replacement Filters

Beautiful all the way around

Made by IPC in the USA

Works Laying Down or Standing Up

Lightweight and Portable

Convenient Safety Mounts

Stainless Steel Housing

All Brass Fittings

High-Quality Hoses

Smart on the inside

Auto Balance


3 Modes of Operation

No Pump Needed

No Electricity Needed


Comes With:

The XERO Pure – Window Cleaners Water Purification System

Instruction manual

50 Feet of high-quality hose

TDS meter

RO protect

Filter wrenches & lubrication packet

Lifetime support

The best warranty

Xero Pure