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The oval shape has a variety of benefits, including greater longevity. Many traditional poles rely on pressure to lock sections in place, which means clamps cut into the carbon fiber causing weak points. Since the oval pole doesn't depend on clamps to stop rotation, they don't have to grip the carbon fiber as tightly. Along the same lines, your hands don't have to grip as tightly either providing a more ergonomic feeling. The oval shape also provides greater stiffness. 

The XERO Oval Pole is made from high modulus carbon fiber for a fantastic balance of weight and strength. This reliable pole is a step above standard carbon fiber, making it stiffer than your basic poles. Extend the sections for the job at hand up to the full 30 feet. The Xeroval weighs only about 3.6 lbs before you add on the brush, hose, and accessories and measures about 70 inches long when collapsed. 

Included is 40 feet of hose, fittings, an angle adapter, and a 12-inch brush. The hybrid brush offers fantastic glide with excellent scrubbing power. The outer nylon bristles are longer for reaching into edges, while the short boar's hair bristles agitate the dirt and grime so the jets can blast it away. Hook up the hose to your system, and you'll be ready to clean in no time.

XERO Oval Pro High Mod Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole - 30 Foot