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The Xero Pro Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole Deluxe includes all the same great features of the Xero line but with the added bonus of the Uni-valve, DA Multi Tool/Bronze Wool Pad Holder Kit and a premium telescopic barb.

The XERO Pro water fed pole is composed of super high-quality carbon fiber. Perfect for window cleaners looking for a light weight stiff water fed pole. If you use your water fed pole more than a couple of times a week but not every day, this is the pole for you. Made from top of the line rigid carbon fiber.

This pole comes with super smooth, high-quality clamps, brush, and hose. This is a complete package that comes with all the fittings needed to plug into your water purification system.

 We recommend this pole to frequent users and those looking for the best price on a high-quality carbon fiber pole. Do you bust your water fed pole out at every opportunity? Do you dream of using your pole more and climbing the ladder less? This is the pole for you!

What makes this "deluxe"?

Check out the added features:

  • Exceed Uni-Valve: Non-intrusive, no permanent modifications to your pole are necessary at all.  Very easy to operate and install, a great add on for those concerned with water conservation on the job. 
  • DA Multi Tool/Bronze Wool Pad Holder Kit: This bronze wool attachment tool has been designed to fit in the standard angle adapter in your Xero Pro water fed pole. Definite time saver and will give you some serious extra scrubbing power on the back side of your pole!
  • Premium Telescopic Barb


The most affordable / best-priced carbon fiber water fed pole on the market just got a HUGE upgrade.
1 - High Quality - Carbon Fiber - (Best Priced) 
2 - NO BS - Anti Pinch Clamps - No Spin Guarantee
3 - Premium Upgraded Gooseneck
4 - Da Components - Bronze Wool Attachment
5 - Ultra Premium Tucker Brush 
6 - XERO Premium Hose 
7 - Univalve - Water Flow Controller
8 - Telescopic Brand Premium Fitting
9 - Upgraded Quick Connect 
10 - Removable End Protector
11 - Add or Remove Sections Anytime

XERO Pro Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole Deluxe