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If you're ready to step into the shining world of Water Fed Window Cleaning, look no further than the XERO Line of Water Fed Poles. Water Fed Cleaning will let you take your window cleaning business to the next level. No longer do you have to worry about how you will reach windows higher than your tallest ladder. Stay on the ground while you take on newer, and bigger jobs. To get started all you need is a purification system and a water fed pole.


Water Fed Cleaning works through the use of purified water. Once the water dries, there are no spots left behind on the glass. The purified water has had all impurities removed so that spots and streaks are a thing of the past. Just scrub the window with the brush attached to the end of your pole and then rinse. No more wasted time squeegeeing each window after you clean it.


XERO Water Fed Poles offer some of the industry's best. Their lightweight and stiff design makes getting those high windows a breeze. Carbon fiber water fed poles are lighter than other materials such as fiberglass or aluminum, creating less stress and fatigue on your muscles, so each workday is more productive.  


The XERO Pro Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole has a telescopic design. The multiple sections allow you to extend the pole as you need it. You don't have to waste energy maneuvering a pole that's oversized for your job. This pole comes pre-fitted with a Tucker Dual Trim brush. Tucker brushes are unique with longer outer nylon bristles that splay as you clean to help reach into corners. The brush features two pencil jets built in to rinse away dirt and grime as you scrub, cutting down on your working time. Each pole has enough hose to reach from the brush to the hose coming from your purification system. This lightweight pole is constructed with top of the line, rigid carbon fiber. Includes all the fittings you need to get started. Almost ready to go right out of the box, all you need to do is attach the brush head and connect to your water purification system. This pole is an excellent option for frequent users, those looking to use it a few times a week or more.


Check out the specific details regarding this kit:

  Xero Pro - 30 Xero Pro - 35 Xero Pro - 40
Material Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber
Actual Length 30 35 40
Type Telescopic Telescopic Telescopic
Weight - lbs 4 4.5 5.8
Compacted - NO Brush - " 70" 70" 70"
# of sections 6 7 8


Check out exactly what's included in this kit:

  Xero Pro - 30 Xero Pro - 35 Xero Pro - 40
Pole 30 Foot Pole 35 Foot Pole 40 Foot Pole
Brush Tucker Dual Trim Tucker Dual Trim Tucker Dual Trim
Hose - how many feet? 40' 45' 50'
Angle Adapter Yes Yes Yes

Xero Pro Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole