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XERO Micro Pole... the shortest/tallest pole on the market. Coming in at under 4.5 feet collapsed, it extends to an amazing 30.5 feet!


Don't have a spacious work truck? No problem! It's time for the hatchback warriors to rejoice. This short pole is easy to squeeze in your tiny vehicles making it ideal for anyone short on space.

If you're not worried about saving space, but you're a little vertically challenged, this is still the perfect pole! No longer do you have to wrestle a pole that's hands above you. This shorty makes it easy to reach all of the clamps without having to stretch, fumble, and maneuver.

The Micro Pole is super affordable, but it's not cheaply made. Durable carbon fiber sections keep this pole stiff and lightweight. Bolt on clamps hold each section in place while you're working. If you do happen to damage one, they are easily replaceable without the mess of glue. Red warning sections help you visually recognize overextending your pole and putting it in danger of damage. It weighs just over 5 lbs. 

This pole comes with a standard angle adapter, the exclusive Tucker Black Hybrid Brush, and 40 feet of XERO Red Hose. This sleek looking set up has everything you need to assemble it right from the box. The Tucker dual trim design allows outer nylon bristles to splay across the glass for amazing glide, while interior boars hair bristles agitate dirt and grime so the jets can blast it away.

Xero Micro Basic Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole