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XERO Micro Gold Pole is made from top quality Ultra Hi-Modulus carbon fiber that has been woven and then sanded to become this premium pole. This carbon fiber offers the best in durability and rigidity in the Micro line.

You'll be surprised to learn that this 30-foot pole can compact to a short 53.5 inches making it perfect for small work vehicles. Another great advantage to a shorter pole is how much easier it is to reach clamps to extend sections. 9 sections make up this pole with each one nesting together in a precise configuration for maximum length. While you're cleaning windows, simply remove sections you don't need for an ultralight pole since the main pole weighs only 4 lbs. Sections 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 all have built in end protectors for working with the small configurations. Bolt on clamps make it easy to adjust or replace them.

This pole includes hose, a brush, and an angle adapter so you can assemble it right from the box to start cleaning. It also has the XERO Acme Pole Tip for using traditional tools, just add on your wood cone adapter.

Xero Micro Gold Ultra High Mod Carbon Fiber Pole