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These poles compact , making them perfect for window cleaners working out of small vehicles. Don't worry, their short stature doesn't mean they can't reach high. Once extended they reach an astounding 30 feet! 9 sections all nest inside each other in the optimal configuration providing the maximum amount of reach. If you are working on a smaller job, it's super easy to just drop sections leaving yourself with a lighter pole. The whole pole weighs only 5.2 lbs.

Every odd section from 1 to 9 has a built-in end defender to protect the pole when you remove sections. The 3K High Modulus Carbon Fiber offers greater strength and durability than the original Micro Pole. This carbon fiber weave creates a stiffer pole with less flex when fully extended. Durable clamps are bolted on for easy replacement.

This pole comes with a Tucker Dual Trim Brush, hose, and angle adapter for easy set up. It also includes an Acme Pole Tip so you can attach traditional window cleaning tools with a wood cone adapter. 

Xero Micro High Mod Carbon Fiber Pole