This addition to the Tucker® pole range is made of a premium 3K carbon fiber material.  This pole is a lightweight, rigid option for a single hose pole.

The clamp bodies are a unique design made from a light weight plastic.  

The 3K carbon fiber material carries a 2 year warranty.

The clamps operate with a smoot action and have superior holding strength.  They are bolted on not glued which means if you ever have to service them it will be extremely easy.

The pole tip is a euro thread that is attached a short section.  This section is great for nose to glass work and serves as an awesome hand held mini pole.

Addtionally included is the Tucker® plastic adjustable gooseneck with built in acme tip for accessories.

Comes with the worlds best Tucker® Nylon Dual trim brush and premium pole hose and fittings.

Should you need to add to this pole you can buy more sections at a later date.

Tucker 3K Carbon Fiber Complete Pole Kit