The Tucker® aluminum range of water-fed poles are available in a number of sizes as well as confirgurations.

The configurations are referred to as ASH, ADH, B, and C methods.

The ASH (Aluminum Single Hose) method consist simply of a single hose line running up the pole and connecting at the base of the gooseneck.  The aluminum gooseneck is a flow through design meaning the water flows through the gooseneck and into the brush head assembly.  From the head assembly the water is diverted in 2 directions to the 2 flow screws on the bristle side and then out onto the surface to be cleaned.  This is the simplest configuration.

The ADH (Aluminum Dual Hose) method consist of a dual hose line with 2 independent water lines and connections.  One line flows into the base of the gooseneck like described in the ASH method and the other comes outside of the top of the pole and enters an over the top fan jet sprayer.  The water flows out the flow screws in the brush as well as out of the over the top fan sprayer.  This method is often chosen for cleaning solar panels because you are able to put a large amount of spot free water on the panels and clean very quickly.

The B and C methods both introduce the Tucker® soap dispenser into the equation for those looking to use soap to help clean.

The B (bypass) method is a sigle hose set up like the ASH method pole where the water flows into the base of the gooseneck and into the flow screws.  Included in the B method is a Tucker® soap dispenser.  The B method dispenser offers the user the ability to delivery soap to the surface to be cleaned.  The soap would be delivered via the flow screws in the brush.  You can bypass the soap dispenser and deliver only water by turning a valve on the dispenser.  This allows you to deliver soap to the surface during your agitation / scrubbing portion and then bypass the soap to deliver only water for your rinse.  

The C (combination) method utilizes the dual hose line and the over the top sprayer.  One of your hose lines is connected to your water supply independent of dispenser and the other end connected to your over the top fan spray rinse jet.  The other hose line is connected to the outlet of your soap dispenser and then to the flow jets inside the brush via the gooseneck.  You then have the option of running soap up through the pole and out the brush flow screws while rinsing with water over the top of the brush at the same time with your fan jet.  This is an excellent method for those looking to clean building that have not been cleaned in a very long time or heavily soild awnings as well as solar panels.

Tucker Aluminum Single Hose