This is the "little Beast" 12 Volt powered multi-chambered diaphragm booster pump.  This pump has been specially configured for optimum performance to draw water from a buffer tank or in conjunction with building water pressure.  This pump will boost power to any RODI purification system so you can increase your water flow and/or add a 2nd pole to your existing purification system.  Included with a heat shield for protection and 1/2" elbow fittings to accept 1/2" O.D. tubing.


Increases your tap pressure RODI systems to 2.1 gpm output from an on site water supply of 50 psi or produces 1.8 gpm output drawing from a buffer tank.


Pump Specifications:

* Sealed motor, prevents moisture intrusion

* 12 volt 25 amp permanent magnet motor
* Self priming
* Thermally protected
* 1/2" slide ports
* Capable of running dry
* Built in bypass @ 90 psi
* Made in the U.S.A.

PWP 12V 5.3 GPM Booster Pump Kit