Constructed of a superior blend of Hi mod Carbon Fiber and Kevlar.  HIMOD (Himodulous) Carbon Fiber offers superior rigidity and strength incorporated with a  cross weave pattern with Kevlar giving you a very durable and rigid finish, as well as, lightness needed to comfortably work at heights.  We have tested the rigidity of the Mamba Waterfed Poles with just about every brand on the market today and the Mamba Waterfed Poles have superior rigidity , lightness and strength. All Mamba Waterfed Poles are equipped with one of the strongest Clamping Mechanisms available including aluminum levers for durability and strength. 


This Mamba-Resi Trad pole is a specifically designed pole that collapses to just 5 ft. and gives  you the ability to reach up to 3 stories high.  Acme tip can be added to attach squeegees and window cleaning tools so this pole is great for using as an extension pole also. 


All Mamba Waterfed Poles are equipped with a 24-Inch short pole that can easily slide out of the pole to clean lower level windows. An adjustable angle gooseneck with an acme thread attachment for scrub pads, 12" dual trim nylon brush with 4-pencil jets, ¼-inch 300 psi rated hose with brass FGH (female garden hose) connection fitting,  and high quality, easy to change, Locking Clamp Mechanisms with aluminum levers. Mamba Waterfed Poles are the strongest and most rigid poles available. 


Sections 4 and below have rubber end plugs that are mounted on the bottom to ensure protection when you pull sections off to lighten the pole for lower levels.  These end plugs eliminate the need for purchasing additional end caps.



*  30 ft. HIMOD Carbon Fiber Kevlar Pole. (47 ft. Reach)
*  12" Dual Trim Nylon Brush with 4-Pencil Jets

*  Adjustable Angle Gooseneck with acme thread attachment for scrub pads

*  45 ft. 1/4" 300 psi rated heavy duty hose with brass fitting connections

*  Superior Easy Change Clamps with Aluminum Levers and quick adjust technology (These clamps are not glued on to the pole for easy future replacement)

Actual Extended Total Closed # of Pole  
Length Reach Length Sections Weight Part #
26 ft. 32 ft. 60-Inches 7 x 4 ft. sections 4.0 lbs PWP-MAMBA-RESI

Mamba 30 ft RESI WFP