The "Little Beast" Single RO Purification System is revolutionizing the Industry.  This powerful work horse is compact and produces up to .9 gallons per minute  and can operate a Single Waterfed Pole with a 4-jet brush.  The "Little Beast" is constructed with a powder coated steel frame and consists of  sediment & carbon filters, Single 40-inch (RO) membrane and a large 20-Inch (DI) Filter.   Equipped with a dual inline TDS meter to measure input and output readings


The "Little Beast" was designed to be powerful, rugged, compact, and versatile giving you the option to truck mount or be portable in the field.


The "Little Beast"  units are sold as skid mounts and give you the capability to add 150 ft. and/or 250 ft. hose reels that can be mounted in 4 different locations on the unit.  These hose reels can be directly plumbed within the system and can be configured to  incoming or outgoing water supply.    Wheel kits are available to make this unit portable. 


With a foot print of only 15" x 15"  and 50" tall this unit can be mounted just about anywhere on your vehicle or trailer.  You can even mount it under flat bed trucks.  Can be mounted upright or longways. 


Pure Water Output

Tap Pressure Only @60 psi    .90 gpm           

                              @50 psi    .75 gpm


This System produces 45 gallons per hour and is capable of operating (1) Water fed pole with a 4 jet brush.  This is maximum capabilities of this unit with an incoming water pressure of 50 psi.  


Little Beast Single RO System TAP