The Pure Water Power  Hurricane DI (De Ionized) Twin Power pure water cart allows for waterfed cleaning and spot free rinse.  This Dual Twin Power DI only Cart will allow you to filter raw water down to 0 TDS (total dissolved solids) allowing for a spot free rinse. This DI cart is configured for optimum use and longevity and has a built in ball valve to easily adjust the water flow so you can dial down your waterfed poles to use the exact amount of water needed to perform the job with the upmost efficiency.   It is very important not to overuse your filtered water so you can expect the longest lifespan available.  Many DI only systems do not have the ability to regulate the flow thus your life span of the filters can go quickly.

The Hurricane Twin Power DI Pure Water System creates 100% pure water through ion exchange. Tap water is purified of minerals and contaminants, allowing it to dry spot free on the glass without wiping or polishing.  The Hurricane by Pure Water Power incorporates two large 4.5" x 20" DI filter housings containing 1/3 cubic ft of DI resin to ensure a longer lasting filter system. 

System includes a dual in/out inline TDS Meter and a large housing wrench to change out resin.  Mounted on a steel, powder coated frame with hand grips and sporty low profile flat free wheels. 

Can be used and stored in the upright or laying down position.

System Includes:

*  Steel powder coated frame

* (2) 4-1/2" x 20" Large DI filters & Housings

* Dual Inline TDS Meter.  Input & Output TDS Readings

* (2) Flat Free Low Profile Sport Wheels (400 lb. Rating)

* Hand Grips and Foot Grips

* Large Filter Wrench

* Garden Hose Inlet/Outlet Fittings.

* 41 Lbs

* Dimensions:  15" W  x 18" D  x 39" Tall

PWP Hurricane Twin Power DI System

$799.99 Regular Price
$719.99Sale Price