Great new system for bringing pure water to remote locations.

Inludes 50' of water line.

Battery Powered Pump

Digital Flow Controller for turning up or down the water supply remotely.

More details to come in the coming weeks.


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Shipping Mid June




- More info about the controller -

WFP Link Introducing WFP link.

What is it?

Its the next generation of radio remote control for your WFP system available from RHG in the US

Why develop WFP Link Based on feed back we know that two issues come up related to use of radio remote technology.

1. Range can be a limiting factor a couple of steps and the reception is lost

2. Line of sight: You are working around a corner and reception is lost

What does it give me

• Massive range of up to 500 meters

• Works when you are behind a building

• One Button press for Auto calibration

• Easily adjust flow rates remotely

• Switch the pump remotely

• New Stand alone remote fob

So why develop the radio remote?

Simply put we wanted to answer the frustrations people find with radio remote technology.

We wanted to address the issue of range we wanted to address line of sight.

Radio remote is a great way to switch your pump, alter pump speed, provide rinse boost without trudging back to the van or Trolley.

But step just out of range or just out of sight of the receiver and the signal is lost so either you move closer or have to move the van.

We know people like using a key fob, we know some what more or less control. The answer was to completely redesign our fob from Scratch to look at powerful transmitters.

The result is the new Key fob bespoke moulded to include a strong loop to attach a lanyard or to a key ring. It fits easily in the hand or pocket.

So what does it do?

The fob is defaulted to allow you to stop/start the pump, adjust flow up/down and provide a one button auto calibration of the pump controller

The fob is a standalone device and means you no longer need worry about range it will give you up to 700 feet in any environment.

Work from behind a building, around a corner out of sight of the van. With no problem

But how will I know the control has responded?

The fob has two ways communication it receives as well as transmits. It has LED which will display in response to your pressing the button So no more frustration range and line of sight are a thing of the past, But what more could we do?

How do we add even greater value and flexibility?

But how easy is it to use.

Pairing the fob to the controller is simple and takes seconds.

We have worked hard to make this technology very straight forward to use.

Adding value and ease to your business the app will also allow you to hyperlink straight into your favorite distributors web site order what you need at the touch of a button.

So in summary range and line of sight are no longer an issue. WFP Link gives ease of use, adds value. All the tried and tested functions are there all the support Plus your work day just got easier. WFP Link can be used as a straight radio remote. Or it can be used with the phone app providing your business with flexibility. Giving real time information on the pump and system.

Fill N Go 20 Gallon Mobile Delivery System