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34 years ago, not knowing what direction to go professionally, my husband Steve Tieken had the idea to wash windows for three months and see where he wanted to land in the world. He was tired of corporate America, as he was in sales for many years.Well, 3 months turned in to 34 years, and here we are still in the window cleaning business in San Diego County. I, (Randi Tieken), soon got into the business after working in Sales for my fathers manufacturers rep business. We think window cleaning is one of those professions that once you start, you dont want to stop. Its very therapeutic and satisfying. Our business has taken many twists and turns, fluctuating with the economy. When the market crashed in 2008, we bought a local screen business, which really helped boost things, as the screen business is a perfect compliment to the window cleaning business. In 2017 we decided to open a window cleaning supply store, which is my passion. I so love helping support our local window cleaners. I really believe in educating the consumer that window cleaning is a trade and a profession and should be looked at in a way that hold integrity to the industry. We work hard and should be compensated in a manner that reflects that. We would love to hear about how you got in the business you are in and what you love about it

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For each and every site visitor to our online and brick and mortar store, we want to say thank you! We have been in the window cleaning business since 1986, and now have ventured into opening our supp